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Earthist Society

Earthist Society is a concept formulated by Phil Holley of London, UK, who visualises it as a union of Atheism/Humanism with Ecology. He originally called the concept "Green Atheism".

Phil's current thoughts are that Earthism will only grow though the formation of local groups. Meetings might include singing of appropriate songs, individuals giving talks, healings, circle dancing and friendship. The name for any permanent venue would be a "Sanctuary" or an Earthist Sanctuary.

To contact Phil, please email:


A Short Dialogue.

Introduction Objectives God QueriesStatement

When all else is stripped away: false faith and beliefs, greed, egotism, and destruction of the natural environment, what is left is an absence of belief and an application of pure reason. Words are only words but, for the time being, we shall call this concentration of reason 'Earthism’.

The only real and genuine miracle is in the pure existance of Life itself. Without Life, Planet Earth would be just a barren ball of rock and the beauty of a starry night seen by no person or creature. We must all take joy in celebrating life in all its forms and discover the inspiration to preserve our fragile eco-systems with all our vigour!"

Imagine! If you had lived your whole life in a perfectly peaceful and loving environment in which you had never heard about the concept of a God but had been well educated in the Natural Sciences. Would you really take seriously anyone who tried to introduce to you the notion of a great and omnipotent Creator or of a faith-based religion without them first having showed you proof of the existence of such an entity? And if your world was relaxed, unhurried and perfectly in harmony with Nature and with an abundance of old but high quality human-made things to use or enjoy, would you really want to change it for a world full of pressure, ecological destruction, poor quality throwaway goods and instability in order to pursue the goal of obtaining ever-increasing material opulence, as is the target of most of humankind today?

For the continuation of Life on Earth and for the Unification of Man and Womankind, we need a very different type of economical structure and also we must push out the boundaries restricting Atheist acceptance with all our might if we are to at least hold in check the growing religious intolerances, religious fundamentalism and religious mis-education of our children. And if after all, there should turn out to be a Supreme Intelligence in the Universe, perhaps the most likely ones of us to be chosen by such an 'entity' for a communication would be those who pushed the hardest to end religious disharmony and non-unity.

There are various documented forms of Atheism and the words Atheism and Humanism can, in most cases, be interchanged. Atheists believe that a Creator or Higher Power definitely does not exist. A Humanist or Earthist may object to the coercive affect of many religions and become knowledgible of facts that tend to show that a Creator may not exist.

To be 'Green' is, to list a few attributes, being concerned with the protection of the natural environment and to adapt one's own lifestyle by reducing energy consumed, avoiding activities which cause pollution, recycling waste wherever possible, making environmentally friendly consumer choices, living closely to nature and aligning oneself to a Green political position.

Earthism is an attempt to combine all these disciplines in the duel objective of the prevention of environmental destruction to our planet and the discovery of a way to replace the devisive effect of religion with a unifying non-religious philosophical system.

The Earthist Society is formed as a starting point in which people can be brought together and a tangible identity for this worldview can be forged.


It is conceded by most scientists and observers of our natural planet that we are heading towards a human made ecological catastrophe with rising sea levels, erratic weather patterns, higher global temperatures and huge new environmental pressures on the majority of lifeforms, including humankind.

We are entering a most critical period in human history in which almost the whole of our species will be adversely affected and will need to combine efforts in order to keep environmental changes within tolerable limits.

The majority of people of the world are divided into a handful of major religions and many more minor religions and sub-groups. This has remained relatively unchanged for many centuries and it would be unreasonable to think that any one religion would ever gulvanise the vast majority of humankind into a coherent whole. Because of the polarising effect of religion and the suspicion and often intolerence felt by people of one faith for another, and because there is no proven foundation for a belief a Creator, it would seem that the only way of ever unifying and harmonising the world's population would be through large-scale secularism or non-religion.

If it is true that impending ecological disaster will engulf the Earth unless enormous reductions are made to the ever-increasing imbalance humankind is causing to the natural environment; and if it is true that all the major religions are founded on false belief, ie: the existance of an imagined deity, then a form of environmental agnosticism would be the only system based on reality which addresses the worldwide problems of disharmony and destruction.

More and more people are naturally tending to become environmentally aware in their approach to life. Ever increasing numbers of people are becoming atheistical in their personal beliefs. Earthism, Green Agnosticism, Green Atheism, and Green Humanism are names which can accurately describe this type of positive and growing combined world-view.


Creator Queries

One might well assume that no rational person would ever claim that a Creator has sex. Therefore a Creator must be a sexless entity. Should we not therefore, to be consistant, refer to a Creator as an It and not as a He or as a She.

Also one might well assume that no intelligent individual would ever claim that the Devil created any life. Yet if any human were to invent weapons that would slowly destroy a beautiful body from the inside out, that wait in the air all around us to attack the most vulnerable, that inject poisons to make a victim die in agonising pain; then the perpetrator would undoubtedly be labelled as EVIL beyond question. Yet 'It' is said to have created all these things. Why? And why is 'It' not labelled EVIL?

The qualities of love, compassion, selflessness and caring are commonly ascribed to the existance of a Creator. Now if you should look at the vast areas of this planet that contain no Humans, not to mention the rest of the Universe, you will find not a morsel of these said qualities of a the Creator. Why then are these qualities said to be Godly and not merely Human qualities?

Most of the world's wars and killings are motivated partly by differences in religion. If 'It' has once disclosed itself to Man and Womenkind, why then does 'It' allow the slaughter in 'It's' name to continue century after century?

Why do religious believers have such a 'pick and choose' attitude towards science? Virtually non of them would wish a return to a pre-industrial and pre-medicinal world of hard labour, untreatable sickness and the extreme harshness of living in those days.And yet so many of of the pious are so quick to condem any science which might question a Creator's existance, then totally fail to appreciate the scientific discoveries that cushion their own Earthly accomodation.

Why would 'It' allow the world's most intensely holy place, the Holy Basin – the area of Jerusalem that includes the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, Mount Zion and a variety of Christian holy sites to remain the piece of land that is more prone to generating insoluble conflict and interminable bloodshed than anywhere else on Earth?

If the beliefs and accepted truths of any single religion could be verified as true, it would mean that the beliefs and accepted truths of all other religions would be false since there is much discrepency and disagreement between different religions. How can so many people believe so totally in the correctness of their own religion when it should be so obvious to them that if they were indoctrinated from birth with an alternative religion, then they would have put their faith in that religion instead?

Why do so many people see no purpose to life without 'It'? Why are so many millions of lives of no value to their owners without a crutch called the Creator to prevent their imagined collapse? Will there someday be a name for this condition such as 'RDS' (Religious Dependency Sydrome) which will be treated by psychotherapists just like any other psychological disorder?


Objectives of T.E.S.

In the following text we will outline the ten stated objectives of The Earthist Society:

(1) To establish a framework within which people with Green, Atheistical and Humanistic views can socialize and connect with one another.

(2) To bolster a pride and confidence in being an non-believer and in letting other people know. Also to encourage a mass 'coming out' of  people who would realize that they are Atheists or Agnostics rather than unquestioning religious believers.

( 3) To campaign against the destruction and misery caused by wars between those of opposing religious views. ie. almost all current and recent wars.

(4) To promote recognition that the threatening environmental catastrophes such as climate change are caused by human activities and that stabilizing or reducing human population is an all-important factor in the survival of civilization as we know it. This work could involve publicizing to the world the possible dangers to Life on Earth posed by religions which forbid birth control.

(5) To study the Spiritual Nature of mankind and to establish a framework within which people can develop their innate 'spiritual attributes' without having to possess a belief in any type of god or gods.

(6) To encourage ecologically friendly low-energy-low-pollution lifestyles and to facilitate the forming of Earthist communities with shared housing and, or,  shared communal facilities and buildings and free-space.

(7) To oppose the importance held by most Westerners in material values. To aim at re-establishing the values of sharing, of love for others, of group rather than personal priorities - over the prevailing personal-material mindset.

(8) To develop a culture to compare with traditional ones enjoyed by adherents to the principal religions. This could include communal singing, communal dancing and possibly rituals.  These could be synthesized from traditional cultures and religions, or contemporary culture, or newly invented.

(9) To construct and evolve the strongest possible polemic with which to argue that the possible reality is of the non-existence of a Creator.

(10) To develop and promote a philosophy of Earthism aimed at creating a harmonious, peaceful and sustainable  world.


The Earthist Statement

The following statements constitute what is thought to be true by the Earthist Society and are intended to become a template for the basis of Earthism:

(a) The two most urgent aims of Humanity should be to unify our species enough to confine interstate and interfaith wars and conflicts to history and to greatly reduce the harm being done to our planet by human over-activity. These aims would be considerably more likely to be achieved without the divisions and hate brought about by religious differences, the distractions of following religious thought and the false ideas of causation of environmental events inspired by some religious faiths.

(b) The existence of a Creator of Everything who is also a cosmic-transgalactic superintelligence, called God, is extremely unlikely. To say that a Creator created the universe and that a Creator has always existed' is even more fantastic than to say 'life has always existed'. The whole idea of a Creator is archaic and out of touch with modern scientific knowledge. Furthermore, most or all of humankind will disbelieve in a personal Creator eventually, should our species survive long enough into the future for such a paradigm shift to happen.

(c) All plant, animal and human life evolved over thousands of millions of years from the first microscopic life that appeared on Earth. The statistical odds against the un-aided forming of the first re-producing organisms are so high that it is likely that this event occurred only once, at one unique time in Earth's history and that no other life exists anywhere else in the Universe. Human intelligence could quite possibly be the only thinking, reasoning intelligence to exist anywhere in the Universe or to have ever existed.

(d) As Earthists,  we nurture the utmost respect for all of Nature. This includes our own bodies, which are also part of Nature. Most modern people eat a poorly balanced diet consisting mostly of processed food, which itself has been manufactured from produce grown on impoverished soils and sprayed with chemicals. Knowledge of the importance of a natural and healthy diet should be offered to everyone from an early age. To change to a more health promoting diet, the following considerations should be taken into account: Food should be rich in antioxidants. Food should be grown naturally without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides or soil depleting chemical fertilizers. At least 40% of the daily human food intake should be of raw vegetables and fruit in order to obtain enough natural enzymes for good health . A good balance of all necessary nutrients should be contained in the diet. Foods should be chosen to ensure a slightly alkaline pH balance in the body since an acidic pH balance will often lead to a compromised level of health. By keeping ourselves naturally healthy, we can maintain a higher standard of biological and emotional living. We can also avoid dependency on medications which are costly to produce and often lead to harmful side effects, can cause additional health problems and frequently subvert the symptoms of the initial illness.

(e) All current economic systems are morally corrupt, wasteful of both human time and the Earth's resources, unfair to the majority, and usually are tied to hidden agendas. These systems are not conducive to widespread human happiness and are largely to blame for the ongoing ecological destruction of our planet. Human happiness is greatly dependant on the giving and receiving of love and on contact and relations with other people. It also rests stongly on the freedom of expression, on freedom to follow one's own interests, on a good balance between work and play, and on health and adequate physical comforts. A new system is needed which focuses not on keeping the majority of people busy in order to buy products or services that they often don't need (and thus funding the rich and elite and wrecking our planet), but to streamline the efficiency of delivering only what populations do really require to sustain health and happiness. Reducing unnecessary consumerism and enabling non-enjoyable work to be minimized could allow for widespread personal growth, in many more individuals, into fully integrated self-dependent and happy human beings.